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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Kissmetrics sells micro-survey tool to CatchFree

US— Customer analytics firm Kissmetrics has sold its micro-survey tool Kissinsights to CatchFree, a feedback platform for consumers to share reviews of free mobile apps.

Kissmetrics CEO Hiten Shah blogged that Kissinsights “never fully got the attention it deserved” as most of the company’s time and energy was spent developing the core analytics product.

“Luckily, we’ve found a great home for Kissinsights,” said Shah. “CatchFree’s CEO Sean Ellis has been an advisor to Kissmetrics since we started the company and he was involved in helping us develop Kissinsights.”

Returning that favour, Shah said he will now become an advisor to CatchFree to feed into the further development of the micro-survey tool.

Ellis said: “The team at CatchFree shares my passion for the power of surveying and customer feedback. Though we launched CatchFree to make it easy to compare apps, we quickly found that app publishers were getting more value from the insights we uncovered than the traffic we could send them. Because of this, our core business will be Kissinsights.”

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