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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

FB buys BP: user experience research and design team joins social network

US— Facebook has hired a team of user experience research and design experts that previously ran the agency Bolt | Peters, in a deal referred to as an “acqui-hire”.

Bolt | Peters will shut down on 22 June as a result of the deal, with co-founder Nathan Bolt and colleagues moving in with the Facebook design team.

“While we’ll miss working with our amazing clients, we’re stoked about Facebook’s commitment to user experience, and the design team is a critical part of this,” Bolt said.

A week before announcing the deal, Bolt | Peters spun-off its user experience research recruiting app Ethnio into its own company.

Ethnio is an intercept tool that publishers can use to get people to take part in research projects while they are visiting a website.

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