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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Ex-P&G man Goldstein buys AcuPoll

US— Former Procter & Gamble brand manager Jeff Goldstein has acquired maket research agency AcuPoll through his acquisition vehicle RVG Acquisition for an undisclosed amount.

AcuPoll, which is based in Cincinnati, was formed in 1991 and specialises in early-stage learning and development research. It employs more than two dozen people and is led by Jack Gordon, who also previously served as a brand manager at P&G but will be retiring once the transaction is completed.

With the departure of Gordon, Goldstein (pictured) will take the role of president. The deal was financed by Huntingdon Bank’s small business loan programme.

Goldstein said: “I realised that if I could find a way to finance the deal, I could retain current employees and invest in R&D and marketing to grow the business. With the SBA acquisition loan, we were able to launch the new company and continue doing what it does best - helping companies innovate more successfully.”


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