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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Decision Resources Group buys Abacus International

US — Research and advisory firm Decision Resources Group has acquired UK-based Abacus International, a company specialising in market access for the healthcare industry.

Decision’s parent company Piramal Enterprises said that the addition of Abacus would “result in a significant global expansion” of Decision’s market access capabilities.

As a result of the acquisition Abacus will become part of the Market Access Business Unit at Decision Resources Group, alongside brands Fingertip Formulary, InterStudy, PharmaStrat and Pinsonault.

Jim Lang, president of the unit, said: “Abacus brings to the table a unique combination of technical excellence and robust, evidence-based analysis resulting in solutions that are well-designed to address the needs of our healthcare clients.”

Abacus CEO Simon Howard (pictured) added: “We view this acquisition as a major step toward becoming a fully integrated market access solutions provider.”

Abacus will remain at its UK headquarters.

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