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Sunday, 04 October 2015

Crowd DNA heads down The Rabbit Hole

UK/US— London-based research and strategy agency Crowd DNA has struck a deal with US research consultancy The Rabbit Hole that will see the two firms market each others’ services to clients.

The Rabbit Hole has a network of 1,300 creative people from 49 countries – including editors, filmmakers, musicians and street performers – to spot trends and support clients in branding work.

Crowd DNA founder Andy Crysell said: “We’re delighted to confirm this partnership. As it stands, around 30% of our work is international and The Rabbit Hole provides us with an exciting and innovative research method with which to bolster our offering in this area.”

The firm will offer The Rabbit Hole’s network available to its clients for trend spotting and analysis, crowdsourcing, co-creation and product and communications development.

Samina Virani, founder of The Rabbit Hole, said the deal offers the company “an elevated platform to expand our research, content and community offerings”.

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