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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Bovitz acquires Resolve Market Research

US— Research and strategy firm Bovitz has acquired Resolve Market Research, a consultancy specialising in studying the impact of digital media and technology on consumers and audiences.

Bovitz said that as a result of the deal, it would establish a media and emerging technologies practice, which will be led by Resolve co-founder Elaine Coleman, who will serve as managing director.

Coleman (pictured) previously worked for media research firm Interpret and entertainment specialist MarketCast prior to co-founding Resolve in 2010

Greg Bovitz, founder and president at Bovitz said: “Mobile is changing everything and Resolve brings unique digital expertise precisely in the areas where we’ve seen such growing demand. Resolve has a justly deserved reputation for discovering new insights across the digital landscape and will augment our capabilities substantially.”

Bovitz is based in California and since 2003 has worked with clients including Ask, 20th Century Fox, AOL, Del Monte, eBay and Johnson & Johnson.

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