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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Informa acquires finance specialists Moorthy, Riggs and Associates

Clients set to benefit from technology boost

California-based Informa Research Services has acquired Moorthy, Riggs and Associates (MRA), a specialist in product and fee research for the financial services industry.

The deal is set to give MRA a technology boost, allowing its clients “real-time access” to Informa's online data analysis system, Informagic. Previously, most clients received data on a “semi-annual basis”, said Sophia Moorthy, co-founder of MRA.

Michael Adler, president and managing director of Informa, said: “It is my goal to continue to assemble a team of really smart, hardworking, energetic people to make Informa the place where companies go for all their competitive intelligence needs.”

The acquisition follows Informa's purchase of full-service MR firm Market Trends in 2004, which marketing director, James Royal said would allow it to expand its work outside the financial industry.

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