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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Government comms chief leaves ahead of roster reviews

UK— Jenny Grey has resigned from her role as executive director of government communications, nine months after taking up the lead role for all marketing communications activities.

Grey stepped into her role in October last year and helped to formalise plans for the creation of new cross-departmental communication hubs, a centralised procurement function and the closure of the Central Office of Information (COI).

She will leave government in September to join Citigroup as managing director and head of public affairs for the EMEA region.

In a memo to staff, she said: “I truly believe that together we have laid firm foundations for the future and that the communication profession is back on track to continue making a vital contribution to the government.”

The Cabinet Office has confirmed that an OJEU tender for a market research roster – incorporating communications planning and strategic planning – will be published in September with appointments due to be made in November. Tenders for marketing services are due out this month.

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