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Friday, 27 November 2015

Democrats pollster Secrest closes firm doors

US— Democratic Party pollster Alan Secrest is to close his firm with immediate effect after nearly three decades, citing difficult “financial circumstances” just months ahead of the presidential election.

The pollster confirmed the news in an email sent out to the client base of Secrest Strategic Services (formerly Cooper and Secrest) on Friday evening (22 June).

He wrote: “It is my sad task to advise you that after 28 years of service to the full spectrum of Democratic candidates, as well as a wide variety of non-political clients, our financial circumstances have left us no choice but to discontinue this work and close our business. It has been our pleasure to serve you, and I wish we could continue. But we cannot.”

The move comes just five months before the presidential election. Secrest apologised to his clients for this difficulty, saying: “I am very sorry for the hardship it represents for the campaign and for you… We’ve been a part of many notable Democratic victories, as well as many ‘smaller’, less well-known victories, all of which have contributed to the betterment of government at the local, state and federal levels.”


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