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Monday, 30 November 2015

GfK re-jigs Martin Hamblin

GfK has started appointing the senior management for its as yet unnamed UK operation combining the Martin Hamblin Group with GfK GB.

Derek Martin, former chairman of Martin Hamblin, will run the ad hoc section of the business while Ian McCann (right) will run GfK Marketing Services and the consumer panels.

All personnel at executive level have been kept on after the merger although there have been redundancies in the fieldwork divisions.

GfK is gearing up to launch a number of new products for the UK through the new operation. These are: ATS, an ad tracker; Loyalty Plus, a customer satisfaction product; ISOSat, an online tool for ISO client satisfaction requirements; Criterion, for product and concept testing; GfK Navigator, an attitude study; and pricing tools Optimiser and Price Challenger.

l There have been job losses elsewhere in the GfK Group. The field organisation of GfK Data Services in Germany has been cut by nearly 50% over the past two years due to the reduction of point of sale research of consumer products and purchasing. More staff are due to go in 2001 with 75 people expected to be made redundant from IRI/GfK Retail Research for the same reason.

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