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Friday, 27 November 2015

Opinionaided Q&A app gets $4.3m from venture capital firms

US— Mobile Q&A app Opinionaided has completed its series A round of funding, securing $4.3m from venture capital firms and angel investors to continue development of the platform.

The app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices and allows users to ask questions and upload photos for comments from other users. The latest version of the app makes it possible to share questions outside the Opinionaided community – using text message, Twitter and Facebook.

Opinionaided previously received $275,000 in angel investment from former Greenfield Online CEO Al Angrisani, now interim CEO of Harris Interactive, and Chuck Chesler, an investor in the crowdsourcing space. It received a further $1m from venture capital groups General Catalyst, SoftBank and Draper Fisher Jurvetson in March.

The latest funding round includes participation or conversion by all original seed investors and was led by SoftBank and BlueRun Ventures. Representatives of both those companies have been given seats on the Opinionaided board of directors, alongside Karl Jacob who previously built and sold the Q&A company Keen to AT&T.

Since launch, Opinionaided users have contributed 125m responses to questions. When Research last spoke to CEO Dan Kurani in March, that figure was 40m responses.

Click here for the full interview with Kurani on how he’s looking to monetise the app.

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