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Monday, 30 November 2015

Maritz sees UK revenue rise 12.8%

UK— Maritz Research has reported a £1m - or 12.8% - rise in organic UK revenue for 2010 as turnover crept closer to the £10m mark.

Revenue for the year was up from £8.4m to £9.4m, which the firm attributed to “significant” contract wins in the automotive, financial services and hospitality industries.

Stephan Thun (pictured), Maritz Research’s EVP and managing director for Europe, said: “We are delighted with our results in 2010. They are evidence that our customer-focused innovation process is working and that our customer experience solutions are truly resonating with clients across multiple industries.”

He said that firm expects to see an “even higher increase” in revenue following the acquisition of social media research agency Evolve24 in October last year.

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