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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Forrester's Colony hails 'solid' 2010 performance

US— Forrester Research CEO George Colony said this week that the firm turned in a “solid” performance during the fourth quarter of 2010 and the year as a whole.

Q4 revenue was up 9.2% to $67.1m, but profit slipped 28% to $4.1m.

For the full 12 months, sales climbed 7.4% to $250.7m while profits increased 9% to $20.5m.

Colony (pictured) said: “As the economy began its slow recovery, Forrester had a solid fourth quarter and full year in 2010. We continued to execute our role-based strategy and achieved all-time highs in our client and dollar retention rates during 2010.

“While all of our client groups experienced healthy growth in 2010, Forrester’s differentiated offerings for marketing and strategy professionals continued to be the fastest-growing part of our business. Overall we are well positioned for 2011.”

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