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Wednesday, 02 December 2015

Federated Sample gets $2.8m to support Fulcrum development

US— Federated Sample has received $2.8m in series A funding to support the development of its sample management and routing platform, Fulcrum.

Funds will be steered towards speeding up the roll out of new features for the platform and adding staff in sales, service and technology roles.

The user base for Fulcrum has grown to 250, and the system is delivering nearly 1,000 surveys and 3.5m available respondents per month, according to Federated Sample.

Financing was led by Sopris Captial Associates, whose representative Jon Kaiden joins the Federated Sample board of directors. Seed investors including Voodoo Ventures also participated.

Federated Sample founder and CEO Patrick Comer (pictured) said the investments and associated partnerships “will propel us to the next level”.

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