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Wednesday, 02 December 2015

Ebiquity growth driven by analytics division

UK— Media and marketing performance measurement company Ebiquity has posted double-digit increases in revenue and operating profit for the year ending 30 April 2012.

Revenue was up 18% from £44.1m to £52.9m, driven by the performance of the analytics division while operating profit jumped 55% from £5.2m to £8.2m. The analytics division’s revenue was up by 56% to $27.9m from £17.9m.

The platform division, which covers advertising intelligence and media technology, saw its revenue drop “marginally” to £24.9m from £26.2m.

The firm said that 76% of group revenue came from international clients, and claimed to have 85% of the world’s major advertisers as customers.

CEO Michael Greenlees (pictured) said: “The continued growth of our company and the high levels of renewals is an endorsement of the growing relationship we now enjoy with significant global advertisers and the importance of our data analytics. We anticipate another year of growing opportunities.”

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