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Friday, 27 November 2015

Cint recieves €6.9m boost from owners

SWEDEN — Cint has announced a €6.9m investment boost from existing owners Prime Technology Ventures and Creandum.

The company, which provides DIY sampling through Cint Access and targeted sampling through Cint Link, says its owners support the firm’s plan to build technology emphasising ease-of-use and automation.

It will use the funding to enhance its current products and create new offerings. Bo Mattsson, founder and CEO of Cint (pictured), says: “The continued investment by Prime and Creandum is a clear sign that the market is picking up the self-service solutions that we offer.

“We see a very encouraging uptake of DIY sampling by clients everywhere, regardless if they are agencies using our professional entry point or survey tools adding APIs to their offering.”

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