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Friday, 27 March 2015

Ex-Synovate director aims to squeeze value from existing data

Cognicient sets out to help clients get more from the data they already have

Former Synovate director Mike Page is launching a new offer, which aims to squeeze the value out of the unused data held by businesses.

Page first set up his firm Cognicient in 2003, but put it on hold to become director of operations for Synovate in Western Europe.

He left the agency at the end of last year and is now relaunching Cognicient as a “systems integrator” to help clients bring research data together with information from other sources, and make the most of it.

Page told Research: “The idea behind Cognicient is taking attitudinal data and building a business around integrating that with non-research data streams… everything from sales and ad spend to performance data. We link those cogs together to tell you whether your research data is actually predictive of your outcomes.”

Cognicient is working with research agencies as well as directly with end clients. Page says too many firms are failing to integrate and make effective use of the attitudinal and business intelligence data they already have.

“Don't do any more research until you've got the full value out of what you've got,” he said. “If you've got research and haven't put it into context and seen how it fits with the drivers of your business – how do you know what the value of that research is?”

Page co-founded Cognicient with fund manager Bob Morris, and also works with Mona Makhijani of Ideate Strategies, and John McConnell.

Page said: “People may have done one-off projects this way but it hasn't been made available systematically as an offer.”

Author: Robert Bain

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