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Friday, 27 November 2015

Dunnhumby unveils new Tesco shopper panel

Shopper Thoughts panel to marry attitudinal data with Clubcard purchase histories

UK-- Dunnhumby and Harris Interactive gave the first public airing this week of a new panel of Tesco Clubcard holders, which allows them to target surveys at people based on their actual purchase histories.

Called Shopper Thoughts, the panel is made up of 65,000 members of the retailer's loyalty scheme, which is managed by Dunnhumby.

Speaking to Research following the panel's unveiling at the World Adverising Research Centre's Online Conference, Dunnhumby's director of strategy and futures Martin Hayward said there were a number of applications for the service.

Beyond gaining quick feedback from people who are known to have bought a particular product, Hayward said the panel can be used to test new products with consumers who buy rival brands.

Advertising effectiveness studies can also be run through the panel, with Clubcard data used to validate whether a campaign delivers the expected lift in sales.

Hayward said that as a next step he plans to use the data to examine media consumption.

Author: James Verrinder

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