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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Cint offers DIY researchers 'direct' access to panels

SWEDEN— Cint has launched a new service to make sample from online panels available through DIY survey tools.

Cint Direct Sample operates as a plug-in that works with online DIY tools such as Survey Pirate and Relationwise. People doing their own online research can use the plug-in to get access to sample drawn from various panels, instead of having to use their own mailing list or going to a research agency or panel provider to find respondents. Cint draws sample from panels run by research agencies and by companies such as Habbo, Bounty, MSN and Metro.

The process is automated, but Cint said it will “check the survey specifications and questionnaire for language and logic”.

The Cint plug-in has already been installed to run on Survey Pirate and Relationwise and will soon run on Netigate. Cint says it can be installed on “any third-party software”.

Users can select their target group by age, gender, region, occupation and education. They then receive an instant quote and can place their order straight away. Responses are received “in a matter of days” and buyers pay only for completed interviews, Cint said.

The firm’s CEO Bo Mattsson (pictured) said: “We are putting access to over 2.5 million people straight into the hands of the online researcher.”

Julia Ivars, business area director for Cint, said: “This opens up research for all kinds of companies, in particular small and medium-sized businesses. Our research shows that marketing and PR agencies wil be very keen to use the product. And Cint Direct Sample will also be appealing to research agencies that do not have their own panels or want to supplement their offer.”


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