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Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Rentrak partners with Majestic MRSS on Indian box office deal

INDIA — Rentrak Corporation has announced a collaboration for the collection of movie box office grosses in India with Majestic Market Research (Majestic MRSS).

Under terms of the agreement, Rentrak’s International Box Office Essentials will be using Indian box office data sourced by Majestic MRSS. The media measurement firm says it will be using Majestic’s local expertise to help expand its reach in the region.

Raj Sharma, co-founder & global president of Majestic MRSS (pictured), said: “India is a huge box office market and one where studio returns are steadily increasing. In order to effectively conduct business in the global theatrical industry, clients want visibility into our region.”

Ron Giambra, president of theatrical worldwide at Rentrak, added: “As Rentrak continues to grow our International coverage, which now includes the operation and collection of theatre-level attendance and box office information from 36 countries, the inclusion of one of the world’s top box office markets to the International Box Office Essentials service is a powerful addition for our clients.”

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