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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Tumblr names Union Metrics as first analytics partner

US— Blogging platform Tumblr has named San Francisco-based Union Metrics as its preferred analytics provider, following the creation of the Union Metrics for Tumblr product.

The company says the product provides analytics based on 100 million Tumblr events a day. It will measure activity and engagement for any blog or any topic on Tumblr, so that clients can learn which posts are resonating with readers, with full breakdowns of likes and reblogs and details of how content gets shared through reblog network visualisations.

Other measures featured include the ability to find fans and see who is sharing and amplifying content, compare post and response volumes over time against rivals and measure which tags or post types drive engagement for any blog or about any topic.

Access is currently by invitation only. Union Metrics has traded in Twitter metrics since 2009 with TweetReach.

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