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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Placed building panels to collect mobile location data

US— Location analytics firm Placed has launched a new service to collect real-world location data from opted-in panellists.

According to Placed, clients can start putting together a panel in under 15 minutes by getting their required customer segments to download a free app to their Android or iOS phones.

Participants are asked to opt in three times before the Placed app begins collecting location data, which is analysed and delivered nightly, highlighting the key locations that panellists visited.

David Shim, Placed founder and CEO, said: “If your company is not leveraging location analytics, you are at a competitive disadvantage to peers in your industry. Placed Panels enables companies to measure the places their customers go in the real world.”

Placed launched a location analytics service for app developers in June and followed it up in August with the launch of location analytics for mobile websites.

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