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Friday, 27 November 2015

Pinterest analytics site PinReach up for sale

US— Chris Fay, the founder of Pinterest analytics startup PinReach, has put the firm up for sale after agreeing to move to a new job at Google.

PinReach was launched earlier this year as PinClout, before being forced to change its name after a cease and desist order from social influence monitoring firm Klout.

Fay has put the firm on the auction site Flippa with a starting price of $10,000, which includes the brand name and domain. The site currently has 22,000 registered users but is yet to turn a profit or report any revenue, according to the listing.

Fay (pictured) said: “I have made the decision to accept a position with Google, the result of which means a conflict of interest barring my continued development on PinReach.”

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