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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Nurago launches Digital Club for insights into online activity

UK— Research technology firm Nurago has launched a service that uses a web browser plug-in to track the online activity of 8,000 people.

Members of the ‘Digital Club’ panel have downloaded the LeoTrace add-on from Nurago, which “measures everything they do online”, says Caroline Henne, who heads the company’s UK office.

The technology records the users’ clickstream, what websites they visit, what ads they see and what videos they watch, providing a general understanding of online activity.

But using LeoTrace, Henne says Nurago can go in and “tweak” sites – swapping out certain elements or replacing ad creatives – allowing test and control groups to be used to see whether different designs perform better in driving site activity or click-throughs for example

The Digital Club was recruited through a partnership with an online panel company – though the company declined to reveal its identity.

It is separate from Nurago’s existing relationship with Toluna with which it runs the PanelTracking service. PanelTracking uses a mix of cookie-tracking and ad-tagging technology to measure exposure to online advertising.

The PanelTracking service was officially launched in major European markets in March this year and has since expanded into the US, Russia and other countries.

Recently, the partners signed a year-long deal with media planning and buying group Aegis to report demographics for eight billion ad impressions.


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