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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Nielsen's VideoCensus follows NetView in going hybrid

UK— Nielsen has overhauled its VideoCensus tool in the UK with its new hybrid methodology, which it says will provide a more accurate read on how people consume and engage with online video content from any device, including mobiles.

The launch of the hybrid video data from Nielsen and UKOM, the industry-backed online audience measurement company, coincides with the recent debut of UKOM/Nielsen’s Netview hybrid data, which measures non-video internet behaviour.

Nielsen’s hybrid approach uses an RDD-recruited consumer panel, data from which is then combined with census data from tagged sites (or, in the case of VideoCensus, tagged video players). This combined information is then used to predict ‘all-location’ audiences for all websites.

David Gosen, Nielsen’s European managing director for digital, said: “Our VideoCensus tool now helps publishers sell more inventory by providing a more accurate view of their audiences across all devices. At the same time, it will equip advertisers and planners with a trusted independent measure of who’s viewing their ads and content, helping them to manage ROI.”

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