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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Mindshare unveils CORE marketing intelligence platform

FRANCE— WPP’s Mindshare Worldwide has unveiled CORE, a marketing intelligence platform designed to help with decisions about marketing spend, audience targeting and creative optimisation.

CORE has been created in partnership with several technology and data companies including Nielsen Digital, Visible Measures and Acxiom.

Mindshare says the platfom will “empower both analysts and non-technical users to make informed decisions across all touch points in real time” by allowing them to mix intelligence gathered from CRM databases or sales and supply chain data with the CORE platform.

It will then break this down into categories such as media channel spend; performance data; social data; paid and owned media audience data; in-stream data; third-party data and real-time trading data.

The agency says it has already implemented the platform for one unnamed client, and is now planning to deploy it for clients across the world.

Nick Emery, chief executive officer, Mindshare Worldwide, said, “We have invested heavily in developing CORE because we believe it is the future of marketing. We are bringing together state of the art technology providers to truly deliver real time business and media data.”

Mindshare’s other partners for the platform are 24/7 Media, Ab Initio, Adobe, Exponential and MySupermarket.


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