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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Marketers 'miss ROI by ignoring value proposition'

UK — Marketers who are focusing on new media platforms at the expense of understanding their customer value propositions are missing out on ROI opportunities, according to a new study.

The Fournaise Marketing Group measured that, last year, 71% of marketers focused more of their campaigns, activities and budgets on mobile, social and digital platforms, while spending less time and effort researching, developing and testing customer value propositions (CVPs) for those same campaigns.

Fournaise concluded that: “These CVP-neglecting marketers performed 3 times lower on average (in terms of business results and ROI) than CVP-focused marketers – who also happened to use the same mobile, social and digital media in their message delivery channels mix.”

Global CEO Jerome Fontaine said: “The key 2013 marketing performance lesson is simple: campaigns/activities without crafted, researched and optimised CVP architectures will under-perform, regardless of the media channels they are deployed in.”

Fournaise’s study is based on interviews with 1,200 CEOs and marketing decision-makers, as well as tracked performance results.


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