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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Launch for self-service analytics tool Colabo

US — A self-service marketing analytics tool called Colabo has launched with a 30-day free trial.

Co-founded by Yoav Dembak, Naama Halperin and Asaf Wexler, the team behind B-hive Networks, Colabo aims to provide users with a customisable dashboard that discovers, models and correlates any data from both public online sources and internal tools.

“For marketers, the days of looking only under the lampposts are over,” said Dembak. “They need actionable real-time data to properly allocate their budgets and that can only come by breaking down the siloes in which each stream of data has been viewed and processed over the last several years.”

Colabo is backed by EMC chief strategist Paul Maritz, VMware’s Raghu Rahuram, Israeli entrepreneur Benny Schnaider and Venrock partner Ray Rothrock.

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