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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Kantar launches TGI Clickstream to study online engagement metrics

UK— Kantar Media TGI has launched TGI Clickstream, a new study enabling brands and consumer targets to be analysed against actual online consumer behaviour.

TGI Clickstream was created by connecting metered online consumer behaviour – gathered by Kantar Media’s Compete – to the consumer data available through Kantar Media’s syndicated media and marketing survey, TGI.

The study aims to helps marketers, communications agencies and media owners understand the relevance of the sites, sub-domains and sections visited by specific target groups of consumers – including users of over 4,000 brands.

Metrics available to marketers include average number of visits, average time spent on sites and average page views over a specific time period.

Richard Poustie, head of Kantar Media TGI UK, said TGI Clickstream is designed “to open up important new opportunities, efficiencies and monetisation for communications agencies and media owners alike”.

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