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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Fizziology unveils TV analytics tool

US— Social media research agency Fizziology has launched an analytics service called SocialDensity to show the social impact of television programmes.

The new tool scours the social web for mentions of a TV show to measure its influence and the levels of anticipation among viewers. Fizziology said that the resulting buzz score could be used as a point of comparison with traditional ratings or combined with them “to create a more holistic view” of a show’s value.

Fizziology COO Jen Handley said: “As media buyers and sellers gather this week at the television upfronts, they will use a combination of projected ratings, guaranteed ratings and gut feel to commit hundreds of millions of dollars. In this day and age when anything and everything can be measured, we believe SocialDensity will provide immediate analytical value.”

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