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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Celebrity index goes international

US — Sports marketing researcher Repucom and promotions agency The Marketing Arm have launched an international celebrity index.

Initially created in the US by The Marketing Arm in 2006, the Celebrity DBI has been launched into 12 markets with the expanded index featuring more than 5,000 celebrities, including athletes, film and TV stars, musical performers, news pundits, personalities and more.

The Celebrity DBI aims to help brands identify individuals who could enhance their messaging initiatives and maximise ROI by evaluating a celebrity’s awareness, appeal and relevance to the brand’s image and their influence on consumer buying behaviour.

Consumers in nationally representative samples within each country evaluate celebrities across eight metrics and users can evaluate overall celebrity impact in a local market, across multiple markets and globally; track fluctuations in influence of a celebrity over time; compare multiple celebrities across multiple markets; and view the aggregate global influence of celebrities.

“The Celebrity DBI provides a data-driven approach to help quantify celebrity clout and marketability,” said Paul Smith, Repucom’s global CEO. “The data has been fundamental to guiding the decision making behind hundreds of endorsement deals. Repucom is eager to equip international markets with key insights into the celebrity landscape that will assist marketers in strategic business decisions.”

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