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Sunday, 29 November 2015

How can market researchers get social?

It’s a question posed by Forrester analyst Tamara Barber’s most recent report, which looks at the ways research agencies and practitioners are – or should be – utilising social media to generate consumer insight.

Barber highlights three key uses for social media in research: accessing respondents, embracing consumers and listening in to the social web.

Of the three, listening is the most buzz-worthy – but also the most problematic, as Barber explains in this nine-minute podcast.

Click here to download or stream the audio.

N.B. We spoke to Barber a week or so back, so it’s pure coincidence that she blogged today about how listening technology vendors could better tailor their offerings to the research community. Check it out here.

Our report yesterday on FreshMinds’ tests of listening accuracy is also a hot topic on the site today. Read the piece and join the debate here.

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