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Monday, 30 November 2015

MRS Conference Award winners

From: MRS Annual Conference 2012

And the winners of the MRS Conference Awards are:

Best Paper
Lisa Edgar, The Big Window, and David Bunker, BBC
It’s all in the mind: Changing the way we think about age

Best Workshop
Roy Langmaid
Don’t tell me, show me: Finding answers without questions

Best Session
Research and the business of change: How research can kick-start innovation and power the new
Chaired by Debrah Harding, the Market Research Society

Best Presenter
Peter Dann, The Nursery
How people see brands in social media

Best Newcomer
Victoria Guyatt, Ipsos Mori
Research is no island: A positive outlook for the Met Office

Best Overall Contributions
Paul Childs, Join the Dots
Victoria Guyatt, Ipsos Mori
Katie Kaylor, Phones4U
Jerry Latter, Ipsos Mori
Sara Sheridan, Firefish
Naomi Stoll, Opinion Leader

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