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Saturday, 28 November 2015

May 2004

  • All's well that ends well

    May 2004

    Judy Williams dramatises the role of the independent consultant. Like all good acting these days, it's all about the method.Dramatis PersonaeBiz A A commissioning companyBiz B A major clientIndie X An independent consultant PrologueAn imminent key client review sets alarm bells ringing throughout the commissioning ...

  • Aston Villa FC develops online fan forum for MR


    eDigitalResearch, the internet research firm, has developed an online fans forum for Aston Villa Football Club.


    May 2004

    Who's moving in on the research market? Marc Brenner and Vivienne Wilson interview some traditional competitors of market research.Every industry has its bogeymen and market research is no different. Simply by keeping half an ear open at conferences and seminars through the years one can build up a strong idea of what scares researchers. Recently it has been the notion that despite monumental efforts, researchers will never be taken seriously as providers of ...

  • Brought to book

    May 2004

    Michael Warren reviews the latest releases.The philosophy of branding Author: Thom Braun Publisher: Kogan Page 2004 This really is enormous fun. The author is an international marketer and an ordained C of E priest to boot. He has a nice, light style that only occassionally strays into the facetious. He has taken 15 of the world's foremost philosophers plus one school of philosophy ...

  • Chinese MR hopes for self-regulation

    May 2004

    Chinese MR hopes for self-regulationThe launch of a new market research "watchdog" in China has been hailed as a step on the road to self-regulation for the country's flourishing research industry.The China Market Research Industry Association (CMRIA) will be run under the guidance of the state owned National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), and will draft rules, regulations and codes of conduct to "supervise ...

  • Eurovision

    May 2004

    EurovisionTo some it's a cause of celebration. But will researchers really benefit from EU expansion? Brian Tarran reports.For the many millions of people living in Central and Eastern Europe, 1 May 2004 was a symbolic day, ushering in the start of a new era as a member of the European Union. And how would they celebrate? A drink, maybe. A party? Judging from the comments of researchers who ...

  • Go on, sell us something

    May 2004

    Marc Brenner's editorialOnly this morning I attempted to buy a watch. I'm no horologistic pedant but when I ask a salesman to tell me about one of his products, I do expect him to be able to tell me whether the watch in question needs a battery, or whether you have to wind it up. Fat chance. The salesman looked at the watch, shook it, gave it back to me and said, "I'm pretty sure that it's battery driven, although... [a Pinteresque pause] I couldn't swear to ...

  • Imperfect pitch

    May 2004

    Imperfect pitch Geoff Payne wishes that qual researchers (and the industry as a whole) could be spared the frustrations of the pitching process.Like it or not, pitching has become much more the norm in qualitative research. Certainly on the international qual scene where bigger budgets are at stake it is becoming more common. I suspect most of us are less than happy with the trend. It can make ...

  • Industry survey gets underway


    Full service agency, RSM this week launched the fourth wave of its "Research Professionals' Online Survey" and is calling on Research magazine readers to take part. The study hopes to gauge opinion on the current state of the market research industry.

  • International velvet

    May 2004

    Independents can often be the best people to run international projects, argues Ruth McNeil. Hop on a plane to New York... Take the Eurostar to Brussels... Fly from Stockholm to Turku... Whatever and wherever it is, the independent researcher is up for it all. They have the luxury of a more flexible timetable and the opportunity to focus on one job at a time. Of course, most international work is undertaken by the large research groups. But this ...

  • It's in the post

    May 2004

    Bernice Hardie believes it is high time researchers rose to the challenge thrown down by the direct mail market.There has been an underlying paranoia evident at research industry gatherings in recent years. One contributory factor has surely been the quantity of "research" undertaken by direct marketing agencies.There is no doubt that the direct marketing sector has grown exponentially: the top 25 DM users increased their spend by 43.7% in 2003 ...

  • It's temping Jim, but not as we know it

    May 2004

    Margaret Cheng explains the advantages of hiring independents on short-term contracts.Independents often set up their own businesses after many years working at a senior level. Many function as one-person agencies, offering the usual research mix, and buying in additional help, such as telephone interviewing, as needed. But many can also play to their strengths by taking on short-term placements within a client-side research department.Such arrangements ...

  • ITV finalises reorganisation of research team after merger

    May 2004

    ITV finalises reorganisation of research team after mergerITV has completed the reorganisation of its research department following the merger of the Carlton and Granada television companies in March this year.Neil Mortensen, formerly of the Granada Enterprises research department has been appointed head of research, and will report to Andy Bagnall, head of knowledge management at the new ITV plc.

  • M&S appoints Outlook


    Outlook Research has been appointed as the sole agency to conduct all qualitative research for the launch of Marks & Spencer Lifestore, the company's new homeware division.


    May 2004

    It's easy for young researchers to feel that the next big job is just out of reach. However, help is at hand. Mathew Lyons explores the welcoming world of networkingYoung? Itchy feet? Looking to make the next career move? Well, maybe the time is right for once. "The good news for young researchers," reveals Clive Warren, a recruitment consultant at Research Careers, "is that there just aren't enough of them out there."So far, so good. However, if ...

  • NOP chief quits – and signs up NOP as client

    May 2004

    NOP chief quits – and signs up NOP as clientNOP World CEO Simon Chadwick has resigned to set up a change management consultancy business in the US – and his first client will be NOP.Chadwick will be employed by NOP on a retained consultancy basis. His first project will be related to the restructuring exercise the company embarked on almost 18 months ago, with other projects to follow.

  • NPD settles patent dispute with ‘no detrimental effects' on services


    US-based market research agency, the NPD Group has told Research that the terms of settlement over a patent dispute with internet audience research firm NetRatings, part of VNU's Nielsen//NetRatings, "have not had any detrimental effects" on the services it offers clients.

  • Opinion Research Business appointed Tory pollster


    The Opinion Research Business has been appointed by the Conservative Party as its main polling organisation. ORB succeeds ICM, which was reinstated as the Tory's main pollster after relations with online polling company YouGov turned sour.

  • Panic on the streets

    May 2004

    If we are to believe the opinion polls we are served with on a daily basis, the world is going to hell in a handcart. Society has been crushed by panic and anxiety. Paul Flatters and Charlotte Cornish of The Future Foundation believe that market research is being manipulated by the media to present a misleadingly negative view of the world.Pick up any newspaper or watch any television news bulletin and you are likely to see a bad news story about the deterioration ...

  • Reborn free

    May 2004

    Alan Reynolds thinks more of us should rejoice in independence.So, at 57 and offered voluntary early retirement from the Civil Service, why did I set out down the road of independent consultancy? I had a pension; why not just plant the proverbial cucumbers and watch them grow?While I may have been 57, I did not feel it! My mind was still active and I wanted to continue to use it. My twelve years co-operating with other European counterparts had ...

  • Research enters 'virtual playground'

    May 2004

    Research enters 'virtual playground'Researchers are to break new ground by exploring ways of measuring consumers' exposure, recall and response to the increasing number of real-life adverts and products being incorporated into popular videogame titles.First off the block is likely to be VNU's Nielsen Interactive Entertainment (NIE), which has announced a joint project with gaming giant Activision to develop ...

  • Small is beautiful

    May 2004

    Professional service providers could – and should – research their client bases better. Karen Randolph explains how.Oscar Wilde could have had professional services practitioners in mind when he referred to the "man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing''. With attention normally focussed on their own figures – charges, hourly rates, targets, fee income, deal values, etc – senior level professionals can often be complacent about ...

  • SPECIAL REPORT: Independent Consultants

    May 2004

    SPECIAL REPORT: Independent Consultants     ...

  • State of independence

    May 2004

    Being an independent consultant offers great satisfactions. But, says Lynne Foster, it's not a job for anyone with low self-esteem.As an independent researcher, I am master of my own destiny and this, more than anything, is what really appeals to me. I look around now, in this difficult marketing climate, and see the redundancies, the mergers, the takeovers, and I am glad I am an indie!For me, being independent means I can organise and control the ...

  • Taking the buzz

    May 2004

    Nicola Stanley asks if there is more to the concept of stakeholder empowerment than a handful of buzzwords and high-tech tools.Have you ever dined with consumers to talk about a new product innovation? Enlightened companies do it as part of their new idea generation. Even nuclear weapons establishments hold dinner parties with key local stakeholders such as community leaders and business owners to discuss possible issues.Question: is this type of ...

  • Testing times

    May 2004

     Carol Raithatha argues the case for better product testing. In the world of marketing insight, product testing has a lot to give the FMCG sector. But how often is it used only to give the thumbs up for the marketing director's preferred prototype before a launch? Insight programmes that include an element of product testing have the solid base to develop successful marketing strategies. A carefully designed knowledge-generation programme, ...

  • UK MR industry grows 2.8% in 2003

    May 2004

    UK MR industry grows 2.8% in 2003The latest British Market Research Association figures reveal that overall industry revenues grew by 2.8% in 2003 to a value of £1.22bn, a small rise above inflation after a flat year in 2002.The domestic sector which, according to the survey, makes up 79% of the market grew by 5.4%. Meanwhile, in the international sector there was a decline of 5.9% because ...

  • VNU goes radio ga-ga


    Radio airplay monitoring businesses, Music Control and Aircheck, became wholly-owned VNU companies this week, as the Dutch business information giant upped its stakes in both firms.

  • Watchdog pushes case for statistics laws


    UK statistics watchdog, the Statistics Commission is pushing for legislation that would see it replaced with a new body with the power to enforce sanctions against wayward producers of official statistics.

  • When it comes to service, Asda is top dog


    Research by TARP UK, a customer loyalty evaluation firm, has revealed that only 37% of Tesco customers were very satisfied with the service they received as opposed to 43% of Asda customers.