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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

March 2004

  • Adapt or die

    March 2004

    Steve Wills suggests a radical shake-up that he believes could prevent MR becoming a "minor player in a bigger game".The research industry is experiencing a change very much like the one the computing industry experienced in the 1980s. Then IBM was king and clients bought computers. IBM is still going strong - but only because it succeeded where many failed by adapting to the new world of 'information technology'. At first some thought the change of name from ...

  • Another country

    March 2004

    Does travel beyond Zone 6 bring you out in a cold sweat? Time to think again, argues Julie Fuller. Field managers are missing a trick in overlooking what regional facilities have to offer. There is no doubt that for many years London has – probably rightly – been considered the centre for all aspects of the market research business. But how many times have you heard the comment, "London is so over recruited"? There are in fact other places than ...

  • Been around the world

    March 2004

    International view: Sarah Jameson looks at how the UK attitude towards viewing facilities compares to other markets around the world.The majority of focus groups conducted in the US are now held in viewing facilities. Wyoming Studios set out to explore the reasons behind this shift away from 'in home' groups, discussing the conduct of focus groups with both researchers and clients internationally, and assessing the likely impact of this trend on research in ...

  • Behind the scenes

    March 2004

    Do too many clients waste their time at viewing facilities? Julie Cocks reveals the secrets of the dark world behind the mirror.My business card says that I am the manager of The Green Room – a viewing facility, or so I thought when I started working here.As I understood it, the point of a viewing facility is to be just that: an opportunity for a marketer, advertiser or designer to hear directly from their current or potential customers what they ...

  • Brought to book

    March 2004

    Michael Warren reviews the latest releases.Understanding Body Language Edited by: Jonathan Norman Publisher: Gower 2003This is an intriguing oddity. A ring-bound folder rather than a book, it brings together 20 training activities, all taken from other Gower publications. It uses NLP, observation, mime, coaching and feedback to help us understand why people do things in the way they do, and what it means. As the blurb puts ...

  • Clients behind closed doors

    March 2004

    "We have to find another way to understand what customers are thinking." Marc Brenner and Vivienne Wilson listen to three clients discuss their biggest issues. What do clients really want? It's the question that plagues research agencies. It's the subject of countless conferences and it's seen, understandably, as the Holy Grail of the research business.If agency researchers want to win and keep business, they should start thinking about the challenges ...

  • Diary

    March 2004

    Chris Evans, Mel Brooks and the Research 2004 conference competitionSTRANGERS ON A TRAINIt's always good to see research going out to the people. And this time it was flame haired media mogul, Mr Chris Evans, who has taken the focus group out on the road. Or rather the rails. It was reported in the Independent that Evans dealt with the news that his production the Terry and Gabby Show was being axed by Channel 5 in customary ...

  • Effective advertising

    March 2004

    It takes more than a creative idea to sell a product. Yvette Mackenzie reports on how research will be invaluable in a brave new world of advertising.Consumers can often easily recall a particular advertisement, but when it comes to remembering the brand, memories can become a little muddy. The advertising industry is sometimes criticised for producing work that is all style and little substance. However, it appears that a backlash against the 'cult ...

  • Embrace the future

    March 2004

    Last year wasn’t easy. So what does 2004 hold in store? Liz Sykes, chair of the Viewing Facilities Association, looks forward to the year ahead.It has been another tough year for viewing facilities. They are still perceived as luxury commodities in the current market, despite working hard to offer a superior service and better value for money. This has meant that when costs have been squeezed, clients sometimes choose to reduce the number of groups being ...

  • First associate member to take MRS Council role


    TNS associate director, Louise Edwards has become the first ever associate member of the Market Research Society to hold a seat on its council.

  • Funny business, serious money

    March 2004

    Being funny is a serious business in advertising, and researchers have an important role to play in making sure brands get the right kind of laugh. Nick Southgate warns that humour is no quick fix for an ailing idea.The power of humour has caught the attention of great minds through the ages, it has also grasped the minds of brand managers, although not always for as laudable or elevated reasons. Twenty years of experience has tempered freelance researcher ...

  • Guardian man argues for more research in the public domain

    March 2004

    Guardian journalist and BBC Radio Four presenter, David Walker has advocated the setting up of a "cadre of intermediaries" to liaise between researchers and journalists in order to better disseminate research findings to the mainstream media.Speaking at the Market Research Society's 'Social Policy Research in the Information Age' conference, he said the work done by social researchers has some of the attributes of science, and argued that this "conveys an obligation" on researchers ...

  • Home Office renews British Crime Survey contract


    The Home Office has recommissioned BMRB to carry out the British Crime Survey (BCS) for the next three years.

  • Investment firm grabs minority stake in MORI


    MORI has accepted a bid from ISIS Equity Partners for a share in the business in a deal which values the market research and polling firm at £55m.

  • Ipsos lures Windle back to the RSL fold


    Media researcher, Richard Windle has been lured back to Ipsos UK's media division, Ipsos-RSL, to replace current managing director, Roger Gane.

  • Ipsos snaps up TNS cast-off in Korea


    Ipsos has secured a controlling interest in Korea's Active Insights, a former NFO operation, which was sold-off and run as an independent after TNS bought NFO in July last year.

  • IRI launches French acquisition in UK market


    French research agency MCA is to debut its services in the UK market later this month following its recent acquisition by Information Resources (IRI), the US-headquartered FMCG data giant.

  • Life's a pitch; so Fudge it

    March 2004

    Marc Brenner's editorialImagine a world where new business appeared on your books with little effort on your part. You wouldn't need to summon up the energy to pitch for new business, and you wouldn't have to bear the draining sense of failure if you were to lose out. Imagine a world of organic business growth, where your organisation would never have to jockey for position in order to just survive.At a Women in Communication London (WACL) dinner ...

  • McDonald's gets global business research chief

    March 2004

    McDonald's has appointed Eric Leininger as head of global business research.He will report to Larry Light, chief marketing officer and will be based at the company's HQ in Oak Brook, Illinois. Until recently, Leininger worked for Kraft Foods North America as senior vice president, marketing services, in charge of consumer insight, advertising, marketing and promotions for more than 100 major food brands. He joined Kraft in 1993 and has 23 years experience ...

  • MRS, BMRA, AURA in surprise 'talks'

    March 2004

    Researchers are awaiting the outcome of talks between the Market Research Society, the British Market Research Association and the Association of Users of Research Agencies, after they announced that discussions would include addressing the "structure of the MR associations".Talks will focus on how "membership services and representation on behalf of both individuals and organisations can be best delivered in the future". There was acknowledgement that there is a "strong desire ...

  • Ofcom fears prompt calls for PR drive

    March 2004

    Calls for a campaign to educate opinion formers on the differences between market research and direct marketing followed a recent meeting between the Market Research Society (MRS) and new communications regulator, Ofcom.The meeting was in response to industry concerns over new regulations to clampdown on nuisance calls. These threatened to cut MR call centre productivity by effectively outlawing the use of screening technology to scan for dead numbers in random digit dialler ...

  • ondigital

    March 2004

    Technology waits for no-one. Kate Grady explains what a state-of-the-art facility should look like.The viewing facility industry in the UK continues to show tremendous growth. Client companies are now afforded more choice than ever before and, naturally, client demands for facility services have diversified radically. Indeed, viewing facility usage has transformed itself into an all encompassing 'experience' in which clients require much more than just the ...

  • Opportunity knocks

    March 2004

    The big brands are having a bad time, and the ad industry can't help. Good research could be the answer. Brian Tarran reports.The title of this year's MRS Conference has left many slightly dazed and confused. What, exactly, is The Dream Economy? Well, according to the programme, it's the place where "ideas and feelings are bought, sold and exchanged" – it is the new world of marketing and branding, no less. However, according to research and trends ...

  • Publicis calls for 'early' advert analysis

    March 2004

    Global advertising agency, Publicis has called on research agencies to develop new ways of justifying creative ideas earlier in the advert development process.Director of planning, Fiona Keyte said: "We want a more substantive evaluation of the 'ideas' phase. If we can get that, we can break free from the pre-test stranglehold that we are facing."She added: "We as [advertising] agencies are willing to pay a premium for this."Speaking at the World Advertising ...

  • Takeovers: turning the corner

    March 2004

    "Right, this is a takeover!" is not the most comforting thing to hear, but Cherry Park explains that mergers can be good for you.Takeovers are a fact of life in the research industry as agencies become bigger and more international in order to offer products and services globally to their clients. The acquisition of TRBI, the UK's seventh largest market research agency, by Aegis' global research arm Synovate, augments its other recent buys - Pegram Walters, ...