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Friday, 27 November 2015

'Limited success' in store for Unilever's qual accreditation programme?

From: Reporter's Notebook

20|20 Research CEO Jim Bryson has followed up our report on the Unilever qual accreditation programme by reaching out to JR Harris, a noted qual expert and co-founder of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA).

Harris makes some interesting contributions to the debate as he’s come up against this sort of scheme before, he says.

“The notion of ‘certifying,’ ‘credentialing’ or ‘accrediting’ QRCs is not a new one. Like Halley’s Comet, this initiative seems to reappear consistently and reliably every few years.

“QRCA’s Professionalism Committee, which I chaired, has thoroughly investigated this issue on more than one occasion and the organisation has always decided not to pursue it. Furthermore, efforts by other research organisations to certify members of our profession have met with very limited success and acceptance. I believe this same destiny awaits Unilever.”

You can read his reasoning over on Bryson’s QualBlog.

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