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Monday, 20 October 2014

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Exclusive content from Impact, the award-winning quarterly magazine of the Market Research Society

Impact, Issue 6 – October 2014

A blow-up success


From an airbed on an apartment floor to a multi-billion-dollar valuation, Airbnb has made a success of the sharing economy and an open, conversational approach to customer understanding. Jo Bowman reports.

Cover story


Jane Bainbridge goes behind the scenes at magazine publisher IPC – soon to be rebranded TIME – to learn how insight keeps the company connected to the modern, and increasingly digital, consumer.

Anger management


Activism is on the rise. Technology can turn consumers into campaigners at the click of a button. How should business leaders respond? Graeme Trayner reports.

Impact, Issue 5 – Apr 2014

Welcome to the age of physiology


Gawain Morrison, a Belfast-based film producer, is adamant that in five years’ time we’ll be living in a time when anyone, anywhere will be able to track their vitals, analyse their data and put it to work for them.

Crime story


Brian Tarran meets David Canter, a founding father of investigative psychology, who went from studying biscuit purchases to helping police catch murderers and rapists.

Grant McCracken

Entertaining indulgence


‘Binge viewing’ of TV shows via online streaming services has taken off massively. But is that the right term to describe this behaviour? Netflix hired Grant McCracken to find out.

International trade mission


As Alibaba readies for its IPO, Jo Bowman meets its head of Europe, James Hardy, to discover how the Chinese e-commerce company is looking to grease the wheels of global business using a data-first approach.

Impact, Issue 4 – Jan 2014

Join the dots


Watch Dogs, a game released today about a digital vigilante wreaking havoc in a hyper-connected city, is set in a virtual world that’s closer to reality than you might think.

Data basics


Fancy a career in data science? Former Google engineer Sean Owen reveals what you need to succeed in this century’s most desirable vocation. Interview by Brian Tarran.

YO! daddy


Simon Woodroffe, founder of YO! Sushi, has little truck with formal market research. He’s an ideas man with a target market of one – himself. Interview by Jane Simms.

The story behind the stories


An invisible network of trackers powers the data-driven newsroom, but publishers are largely in the dark about how much tracking takes place. Brian Tarran reports.

Impact, Issue 3 – October 2013

Plastic fantastic Video


iMakr’s Sylvain Preumont tells Brian Tarran how 3D printing will transform our consumerist society into a creative collective.

Still full of beanz


How does a 150-year-old company stay relevant? Lucy Fisher asks Colin Haddley, director of strategy, insight and capability at Heinz.

Creative treatment Video


Carly Wilson of Macmillan Cancer Support tells Jane Bainbridge how research helped find the right tone for the charity’s ‘Not Alone’ ad campaign.

Work in concert


Ticketmaster’s Sophie Crosby tells Brian Tarran how event promoters are using insight to get smarter at reaching the right audience.