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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Top stories

OkCupid admits to 'experimentation'


Online dating website OkCupid has admitted that, like Facebook, it has conducted experiments on its members without their knowledge.

Alligator Research snaps into action


New digital research firm launches, led by ex-Toluna client relationship director Suzy Hassan.

58% of UK consumers 'unconcerned' about data sharing


Proportion unconcerned about how much data they share with brands rises to 68% among 18-24 year olds, according to research.

Ernst & Young acquires Sweeney Research


Professional services firm adds research firm to its Advisory practice following ‘client demand for actionable insights’.


The hard cell


As mobile devices become integral to our daily lives, Richard Thornton of Cint discusses the barriers to carrying out mobile research and what best practice could look like in the future.

Welcome to the age of physiology


Gawain Morrison, a Belfast-based film producer, is adamant that in five years’ time we’ll be living in a time when anyone, anywhere will be able to track their vitals, analyse their data and put it to work for them.

Why sports sponsorship can still score


As Glasgow prepares for the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, Simon Hills of Sports Revolution discusses how to win at sports sponsorship.

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Owning is finite, sharing is infinite


The sharing economy is causing fear and disruption as it pushes to establish new business models warned a panel of experts and business owners in the field of collaborative consumption.

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How the other half lives


Economic anthropologist Jovan Scott Lewis recently spent some time as an intern at Northstar Research Partners. He shares his thoughts on what academia could learn from the commercial sector.

A confidence boost?


Recent reports have revealed growing confidence among consumers and marketers. Richard Sexton of Carat discusses the opportunities and pitfalls for brands.

Measuring social is harder than you think


Counting social media is easy, it’s the measurement that’s hard says Ray Poynter, as the industry collaborates on evaluating social media campaigns.

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Mind the mobile gap


There has been a lag between consumers’ uptake of mobile phones and researchers use of the medium for data collection but mobile research is a valuable tool argues Edward Appleton.

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