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Sunday, 29 November 2015

February 2004


    February 2004

    Youth research is a tough discipline to master; a combination of complex commercial opportunities, a huge range of tribal groups, and a respondent body that sometimes finds it difficult to express itself, writes Vivienne Wilson. However, youth researchers continue to get a bad press and are treated with suspicion by the rest of the industry. Ironically though, youth research is a shining example of how obstacles can be overcome and is enjoying something of an intellectual renaissance. ...

  • Adshel and Millward Brown launch new ad-tracking initiative


    Adshel, part of the outdoor advertising company, Clear Channel UK, has launched a new ad tracking initiative with Millward Brown to measure how outdoor media performs compared to other media. It has increased its research spend for 2004 by 30% to meet the costs of this project.

  • Council puts £2.5m project up for grabs

    February 2004

    Norwich City Council is putting a £2.5m market research project out to tender. The research will explore the potential take-up rate and marketing of online council services and is being funded by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.Norwich City Council's communications manager, Norman Mellor, will be directing the programme. Caroline Byrne, an administrator at the council. said the council will be leading the way in developing national policy on e-government. "We need ...

  • Diary

    February 2004

    The Diary delves inside the minds of sleeping researchersDREAM A LITTLE DREAMThe Diary is pleased to announce that 11% of researchers dream about having magical powers while 35% admit to dreaming that they can fly. (Already the Dream Economy conference is looking a hell of a lot more interesting. And that's not even taking into account the whopping 60% whom admitted having dreams about sex).These fascinating stats were ...

  • Dutch courage

    February 2004

    IT (Interview TechnologY), Review by Tim Macer, www.interviewtechnology.comIt does virtually everything most small and medium size research companies need. It is lauded by its users; it has a 15 year pedigree and yet it's virtually unknown on the UK research scene. IT, short for Interview Technology, is the unassuming name of this remarkable box of tricks from the Dutch software company Interview Technology. IT integrates all the four common research modes ...

  • Flying high

    February 2004

    Money can't buy love, but it can buy invisibility. Which makes the super-rich a hard market to research. John Clemens explains how a new company rose to the challenge.There is an old saying that "Money doesn't always bring happiness. People with ten million pounds are no happier than people with nine million pounds". A recent survey by Tulip of 300 millionaires, carried out for the BBC2 series Mind of a Millionaire, contradicted this. It proved that multi-millionaires ...

  • Grey matters

    February 2004

    How can a young industry understand a target demographic such as the over-70s? Dan Foreman shows how a formal research process drove business performance gains for Britannic Retirement Solutions. How many of us working in marketing or research are over 70? Very few, if any. So how on earth can you relate to how a 70-year-old thinks and feels about their house and their income? How do you begin to persuade them that part-exchanging their home for a lump sum ...

  • Industry bodies to discuss future ‘structure of MR associations'


    The Market Research Society, the British Market Research Association and the Association of Users of Research Agencies have announced they are entering into discussions regarding "the structure of the market research associations".

  • Information Resources gears up for client service battle


    Scott Klein, new president and CEO of Information Resources (IRI), plans to fight rival firm, ACNielsen on the battlefield of client service.

  • ITV merger spells job cuts for MR staff

    February 2004

    Redundancies within the research departments of Carlton Communications and Granada are expected when the two television companies merge later this month.The merger will lead to the creation of ITV plc, which will see three MR teams incorporated into a single research function.The number of jobs that will be lost is not yet known. The new research division will be made up of the Carlton team, which has between 25 and 30 staff, the Granada team, which has about 20 ...

  • Keeping the faith

    February 2004

    The domestic Islamic finance market could soon be worth £4.5bn. Why then, asks Anjul Sharma, is the financial services sector offering so little to this market?Since its early origins, Islam has been more than a religion – it has been a way of life. It comes with its own prescriptions on food, dress, moral behaviour, jurisprudence and, surprisingly for some, financial management. The principles of Islamic banking derive from the Islamic law, or Sharia, and, ...

  • MR named and shamed in smoking report

    February 2004

    MR has been named in a Health Select Committee report as a key player in the tobacco industry's attempts to increase cigarette sales and lure youngsters into smoking.The report – "Keep Smiling, No One's Going To Die" – is an analysis of internal documents from advertising agencies working for cigarette companies, which the authors claim has produced evidence of research being carried out with people as young as 15. Young people's "lifestyles, motivations and aspirations" ...

  • Muscle bound

    February 2004

    Cherry Park discovers that career coaching and mentoring can add valuable pounds to your salary.Personal coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and in the US, where coaching originated, it is the second fastest growth industry after IT. It is a pretty safe bet that that this will soon be the case in the UK.So what is driving the demand for coaching in general and career coaching in particular? "The nature of work has changed ...

  • NFO man is new UK managing director for TNS

    February 2004

    Stephen Factor, formerly CEO of NFO WorldGroup UK, has been named the new managing director of TNS' UK business.The new organisation combines the ad hoc divisions of TNS with NFO WorldGroup to make one of the largest ad hoc market research businesses in the UK. Tony Mastel has been appointed deputy managing director and Nigel Spackman becomes executive director.TNS' former UK managing director, Mike Penford is now responsible for TNS Worldwide, the ...

  • Northern exposure

    February 2004

    Brian Tarran reviews an unlikely contender for one of the best movies of 2004 – a film about ethnography in Norway.Researchers have been lacking a good celluloid role model for as long as anyone can remember. We journalists have them; even marketing folk have one or two screen heroes to aspire to. Thank heavens then for the delightfully funny Kitchen Stories (Salmer Fra Kjokkenet), a Norwegian/Swedish co-production about a 1950s ethnographic study into the ...

  • Ofcom admits: call centres can use ‘pinged' samples


    Ofcom, the new media super-regulator, has said it cannot stop UK market research call centres from buying screened sample from UK or international sample suppliers.

  • Post Office to overhaul mystery shopping in 16,500 branches

    February 2004

    The Post Office is to overhaul its mystery shopping scheme across all its 16,500 branches in Spring 2004.Invitations to tender will be sent out in the first week of this month. Crispin Beale, head of research, planning and development, at the Post Office, said contract payments will be adjusted according to key performance indicators, although it is likely to be worth a seven-figure sum."With this new tender we want to work as partners with leading players ...

  • Pre-testing methods ‘out-dated', says Cramphorn


    Advertising pre-testing has not kept pace with new thinking on the way consumers interact with adverts, said Spike Cramphorn, chairman of Add+Impact, in his speech at the World Advertising Research Center's Pre-Testing Advertising conference on Tuesday.

  • Research director leaves Granada following merger


    Granada's marketing and research director, Sue Read is to leave the broadcaster following its merger with Carlton Communications earlier this month.

  • Researcher challenges Labour Party over 'The Big Conversation' brand

    February 2004

    A research consultancy has threatened to take legal action against the Labour Party, following a dispute over the origin of the Government's nationwide consultation initiative, The Big Conversation.Brighton-based agency Planetary Tribe launched its own Big Conversation website in May 2001. The website offers public dialogue through threaded conversations that range from topics such as international law to foxhunting. Founding director Jamie Roy told us, "we were surprised to ...

  • Rigg steps down as BMRB MD


    Malcolm Rigg is stepping down as managing director of BMRB to take up a part-time role within the company, it was announced today.

  • Student research panel gets magazine support


    FreshMinds, the business research, analysis and recruitment company, has launched HigherInsight, an online student market research tool to offer businesses rapid access to a statistically and geographically representative sample of Britain's undergraduate population.

  • Synovate buys TRBI


    Global research agency Synovate has bought TRBI, the UK's 7th largest agency, for £5.2m.

  • Talent Magnet competition closes in two days


    Are you under-30? Involved in any aspect of research? Want a chance to win £2,000? If the answer is yes to these questions, you could enter Talent Magnet, the competition for young researchers.

  • THE BIG CONversation

    February 2004

    Blair’s ‘The Big Conversation’ is underway. A boost for democracy, or a cynical exercise that could prove damaging to research? Marc Brenner reports.We are in the midst of the biggest consultation exercise ever conducted between a government and its electorate. Launched with much fanfare last November, The Big Conversation (TBC) is designed to allow the population a voice on matters of ‘social justice.’ In an attempt to offer topics for discussion, ...

  • The Insiders

    February 2004

    Case study: Financial security. Sarah Horack reveals the findings of Government commissioned research into best practice in occupational pension schemes.In March 2001, the Myners Review recommended ten principles of informed and responsible investment decision-making for occupational pensions schemes and their trustee boards. As part of the Budget statement that October, HM Treasury supported this with best practice codes of investment principles. ...

  • The Outsiders

    February 2004

    Case study: Financial exclusion. Paul Tovey analyses the research and asks if the financial services sector is doing enough to help a vulnerable part of society.We've all come across the term 'financial exclusion', but what exactly does it mean? Broadly speaking, it refers to those who do not have access to basic banking services such as current accounts and/or credit. Having conducted considerable research into this community, TRBI has also discovered key ...

  • Urgent operations

    February 2004

    Sara Crabb argues against the caste system that still separates researchers from operations staff.The research industry has undervalued operations expertise for many years and failed to invest in the recognition, training and development of staff working in these key areas - to the detriment of the quality and profitability of business performance. Two years ago at BMRB, we launched the first professional development scheme, the Operations Development Programme ...