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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Research 2010: The Annual Conference

Research 2010: The Annual Conference
A festival of ideas, innovation and inspiration

23 & 24 March 2010
Park Plaza Riverbank, London

The conference was a gathering place for those who wanted to share ideas, network, debate and learn from some the industry¹s most experienced and successful practitioners. It was an energising and engaging 48 hours.

We welcomed a wide range of guests and speakers including practitioners of archaeology, ethnography and neuropsychology. Marc Brenner of Research interviewed Armando Iannucci on the creative process and the changing media landscape. James Woudhuysen delivered a fascinating keynote on forecasting and how future trends can inform strategy decisions.

More new and thought-provoking formats emerged for Research 2010. The award-winning Ideas Rush returned for another year and the research twist was given to Question Time, hosted by BBC HardTalk¹s Stephen Sackur. Big Thinkers proved to be a success and Research Dragons¹ Den was a rousing finale.

The Research 2010 Illuminas Casino night brought everyone together to relax after the first day of conference. The closing session was opened up to young researchers and MRS¹s R-Net hosted the closing drinks reception, giving the fresh faces of the industry a flavour of the conference and the opportunity to mingle with their peers.


Armando Iannucci wasn’t an obvious keynote speaker for a market research conference, but his humour, intelligence and, frankly, cheek was just what was needed to put everyone in the right frame of mind to get the most out of the event. The writer, producer and director - who has had a hand in the creation of Alan Partridge, The Day Today and The Thick of It, and scored an Oscar nomination for his film In the Loop - talked about the role of research in his work, politicians’ obsession with image, and why he’s still convinced that the internet is a passing fad. The audience weren’t too perturbed by the smattering of naughty words - which were delivered with Iannucci’s typical eloquence. And it was easier than one might have expected for interviewer Marc Brenner to steer the conversation towards research. TV and movie audiences, Iannucci said, are “the biggest focus group ever”. “If it doesn’t get any laughs, it hasn’t worked. The audience is the most cruel and devastating bit of market research you can do.” Discussing public criticism of government policy, Iannucci pointed out that the public themselves are very often confused and contradictory in their views. Even when people appear opinionated they often haven’t really thought things through. “The public don’t know what they want,” he said. “They want to be surprised.”

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Research 2010 awards shortlist

The shortlist for the Research 2010 conference awards have been announced. The winners will be named at the annual Research Awards dinner in London on 13 December.

The shortlist is as follows:


  • Philip McNaughton & Beth Corte-Real: Co-creating Insights: Challenging the way we get to insights by adopting a more collaborative approach to research
  • David Penn: Contagion: Making sense of a marketing epidemic
  • Orlando Wood: Using an emotional model to improve the measurement of advertising effectiveness


  • John Griffiths for his paper: Content Analytics and the future of market research: The Cloud of Knowing project
  • David Penn for his paper: Contagion: Making sense of a marketing epidemic
  • Peter Totman for his presentation: The Rashomon effect: An exploration of the meaning of qualitative analysis


  • Darren Cornish for his contribution to the session: Community power
  • Douglas Dunn and Debi Bester for their paper: New media research: User-generated social media
  • John Griffiths for his paper: Cloud of Knowing: Content analytics and the future of research


  • Robert Bain for chairing the session: Research unlimited: New technologies for a more complete view of the respondent
  • Dr Stephen Bell for his paper: Complex conversations: New approaches in social marketing research for Tower Hamlets NHS
  • Doron Meyassed for his paper: Sex, lies and chocolate: How communities can change the way you think about innovation for good


  • John Kearon, Alex Batchelor and Rory Sutherland for their innovation interview
  • The Question Time panel - Peter Duffy, Michelle Harrison, Peter Mouncey, James Turner and Stephen Sackur.
  • Fiona Wood and her panel - John Poorta, Kate Waters, Nick Southgate and Mark Francas - for their session: Communications and behaviour change

Conference papers on CD

Research 2010: The Annual Conference

The Annual Conference is the MRS’s flagship event and the research world’s leading ideas summit. Copies of the groundbreaking papers presented by thought leaders of the market research industry are now available on CD, priced at £150 (exc VAT) or free to Conference delegates.

Email to order your copy now

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